Steven Mautone

Mobile and Web Product Manager

I’m currently building three websites in my spare time:


Back in 2013 I joined the Google Glass Explorer community by posting ideas about how smartglasses could change the world. Now, continues my fascination with smartglasses and ubiquitous computing.

Atlantic Highlands Online

As a Google Maps Local Guide I have been organizing the local businesses of Atlantic Highlands, NJ into a directory at https://AtlanticHighlands.Online.


In 2001, during my junior year in college, I began a Web design, development, and marketing company called inverted Web. brings together all of my Web projects and businesses.

Amex Mobile app for American Express

Google Play StoreApple App Store


I was on the hackathon team that brought Frogger to Google Glass! Jump your way to lily pad bliss at

OctoDroid: Github for Android

I helped Android developer Azwan Adli rebrand his Gh4a app as OctoDroid; a new app name, icon, and color palette for the leading Github app for Android.

OctoDroid on Google Play

The first two mobile apps that I worked on from 2008 - 2009:

  1. Dexter iPhone Puzzle game
  2. Showtime Schedule and Upcoming clips app

A few websites that I’ve worked on.